"I had my first Acupuncture session at Brixton Acupuncture over 5 months ago. The reason was recurrent issues that had been getting worse since I first came to England in 2004. From the first session I felt the difference. I felt the effect not only with my main complaint but also with other things. The practitioners Ellie and Lilja really took their time to go through my medical history taking many details into account. I felt in good hands and really looked after. I very much look forward to my sessions, although I do not need much at the moment. The low price of the multi bed set up doesn’t reflect any loss of service, most of the time I felt like the only patient in the room. Very much recommended!" Iovana Velasquez (Pilates Instructor)

 "On my first appointment I felt completely safe and secure, I knew acupuncture was for me. You are never pressurised for the next appointment, it is your decision to come back. I find such relief from the treatment that I always look forward my next appointment." Brigitte (retired)

"I did find the sessions with you wholly beneficial (especially for stress) and would love to come back to see you in the future" Matt (freelance director)

"I have been attending the Affordable Acupuncture sessions for a few months and have found that my health has improved considerably. Lilja and Ellie 
are very professional, warm and encouraging people and the space is very calming and relaxing. 
I would thoroughly recommend the Affordable Acupuncture clinic to anyone who wishes to tackle individual health issues or/and receive a boost to their 
general well-being."
 Jane Duncan Ribeiro

"The difference with you girls is that you really seem to care" John (retired)

"I have nothing but praise for this clinic... I've been visiting regularly over the past 6 months - thanks to its affordability and relaxing environment. I've been successfully treated for a number of different ailments and complaints, and friends, family and work colleagues have noticed a positive change in me right from the beginning!" Lauren Tones (Events Coordinator)